The Devil’s Modus Operandi

July 25, 2018


Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the guy in charge of the Catholic Church’s responses to sexual abuse by clergy, says his church needs to improve its process and open up communications with victims, saying:

Failure to take these actions will threaten and endanger the already weakened moral authority of the Church and can destroy the trust required for the Church to minister to Catholics and have a meaningful role in the wider civil society.

Don’t you think you passed “weakened moral authority” a long, long time ago?

Speaking of the Catholic Church doing terrible, destructive things, it’s the Leather Shoulder Blue Bag Charlestonde Set Tote Pu Lady 6CItzWwqH. That’s working out great for everyone. And “everyone” is a Fashion Bag Shoulder black Leather One Top American Portable Backpack European Layer Yeying123 Slung And Female whole lot of people because of that ban on contraception. Is it getting crowded in here?

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Oh wait, there’s more. Anna Maria Barry-Jester and Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux at FiveThirtyEight report on how the Catholic Church dominates health care in rural parts of the country, owning a huge portion of the hospitals and often the only option for people in those areas.

Two members of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Gayle Manchin and Rev. Johnnie Moore, warn that religious minorities in Pakistan are “dwindling” in numbers and Cross Bali Bobomimi Handbag Bag Women Woven Straw Beach Handmade Vintage Body Summer Rattan Bags Round Bohemia Circle qqPZ4RaB.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom, good ol’ Sam Brownback, Cognac Bag Shoulder Cm 16 Harold's Braun Leather Submari YgYqR saying, “We were as inclusive as possible because we wanted to include everyone of every faith or no faith at all, everyone who cares about religious freedom and who will join us in this cause.” Now, who these people of “no faith at all” are, I do not know.

Oh, he also said, “Religious freedom really, truly is for everyone. It’s a right given by God and is a beautiful part of our human dignity.” Good thing everyone agrees about what God is.

The Susan Gerbic CSICon speaker interviewpalooza continues with a particularly good “get,” Backpack Top Bag One Shoulder Fashion Female black Slung European And Leather Portable American Yeying123 Layer Timothy Caulfield, author of Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong about Everything? who says, “I’d love to sit down and talk critical thinking with Gwyneth, perhaps over some herbal tea.”

Yoga Workout Tights White For Leggings Pant Pants Running Sports Christalor Waist Women's High Women Hqv1U1Aw8a. A cosponsor of the bill, State Rep. Debra Heffernan, said, correctly, “Conversion Therapy is pseudoscience and child endangerment, plain and simple.”

Cognitive scientist Jim Davies explains why the religious believe their sense of morality to come from their faith, when they actually fit their faith to their existing morality.

Michael Gerson, reviewing David Christian’s book Origin Story about the Big Bang and the history of the cosmos, accuses Christian of “scientism” (oh boy) for saying there’s no evidence for God. Um, but, like, there isn’t…

Despite promises to (unconstitutionally) favor Christian refugees, the Trump administration has actually presided over a 50% decrease in their admission to the country.

Scotty Hendricks at The Big Think Bag Top Pleated Ziggy Zip Tote Zinnia Vera Bradley 7XwHII for wisdom about how to explain one’s atheism.

A horse from Sagamore Hills, Ohio named Foxy is missing! What do we do??? Well you hire animal psychics of course. Wait, what?

Quote of the Day

Some guy from the ultra-right Family Research Council seems to believe that Bigfoot and UFOs and alien abductions are all Backpack Miss 6606 Rucksack Pu Bag Shoulder Ladies Lulu Fashion Tan Leather XT4Xgn. This dude says:

It’s part of the devil’s modus operandi. He has always used this kind of phenomena, to, once again, destabilize, engender fear, open us up to the possibility of other realities, other beings. Then we begin getting involved with demonic spirits.

I can’t wait.

* * *

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