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Book by Jack Carpenter ($29.95)

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WANTED! Jack Carpenter for slaying audiences with high-powered card magic.

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This is the book that founded the reputation of Jack Carpenter back in 1992, establishing him as one of the shining new lights of quality sleight-of-hand card magic. The magic in Modus Operandi was fresh and exciting when it appeared, and it remains so.

In Modus Operandi Jack Carpenter shares the first mature fruits of his invention, developed through years of thought and performance. The contents collect both card magic, gambling exhibitions, original sleights designed to fool the fastest card-room company (and your audiences), all designed to elicit pure astonishment. This is capped with an essay on modern cheating methods, providing surprising information that will make your presentations more factual.

Modus Operandi offers progressive sleight-of-hand card magic that will excite and challenge card workers of all levels—and will amaze and impress your most discriminating audiences!

Check out just two of the great effects in this book:

MULTIPLEX RESET - The magician takes four aces, signed by an innocent bystander, changes them one by one into kings, then causes the kings to instantly change back into aces. When asked where the kings were gone, the magician produces them, each from a different pocket. By now the aces have vanished! When the bystander demanded to know where his aces were, the magician removes each signed ace again from a different pocket!

NO TABLE ACES - The magician inserts three face up aces into three different locations in a face down deck. He places the ace of spades face up on top of the pack. Each time he riffles the cards a face-up ace rises to the top to join the ace of spades, until all four aces gather there. Then, with a final riffle, he forces the aces to return to their original positions in the deck!

163 pages - Hardbound

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Rhino Body Funny Blue Unicorns Royal Real Positive Have Shopper Tote Curves Bag Image x4Y0tqRw